Meet Our Team
Shawn Goh
Web Development Manager

Shawn Goh is a web developer that uses React as his based framwork. He have experience in develop website for big corporate such as Aeon, Panasonic, Caltex and etc

He is highly knowledgeable and able to provide customer advice on their website contents and designs.

lee soong yee - wisegate 360
Lee Soong Yee
Corporate Translator

Soong Yee is an engineer by profession for the last 19 years. He is now English & Malay to Chinese translator cum interpreter and vice versa. He is native Malaysian Chinese, mother tongue in English and Chinese Mandarin, educated in Malaysia under the English, Chinese and Malay medium.

He has 21 years experiences as translator and interpreter in Malaysia, Singapore, China, Germany, UK and America. He has rich experiences in simultaneous and consecutive interpretation both English and Chinese Mandarin, and Malay.

francis - wisegate 360
Francis Lum
Content Strategist

Francis with a combined 25 years of experience in the FMCG Industry and Retail Business,
Francis utilizes a strategic marketing approach to develop impactful, educational and engaging content that is aligned to clients’ sales and marketing goals.

Jaz Tan
Corporate Photographer

Jaz is specializing in corporate & products photography.

He is using an extensive range of technical equipment, including cameras, lenses, lighting and specialist software checking for quality to deal with clients’ concerns

He has experience on variety of projects and assignments from local and internationally

chun lian - wisegate 360
Chun Lian
Product Sourcing Specialist

Chun LianĀ  use market research in sourcing decisions to ensure clients objectives and targets are being met.She leads global and local category supplier relationships and sourcing opportunities,

She execute global and local strategies and work towards developing a sourcing pipeline with cohesive and cost-saving agreements

James Tang
Sales Director

James Tang has accumulated more than 20+ years of experience in selling and sales team management in the IT industry. He is tenacious in driving customers values for SMB and corporate customers in various sectors, this includes insurance, education, utilities, manufacturing, high tech, consumer packaged goods,telco and diversified group of companies.

He is passionate about helping companies grow their business online.